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Dress Code 2022-2023

School-wide Dress Code Prohibiting Gang Attire

 Note on Education Code Requirements for this section - This requirement comes from 32282(a)(2)(F). 

It reads:

 The provisions of any school wide dress code, pursuant to Section 35183, that prohibits pupils from wearing "gang-related apparel," if the school has adopted that type of a dress code. For those purposes, the comprehensive school safety plan shall define "gang-related apparel." The definition shall be limited to apparel that, if worn or displayed on a school campus, reasonably could be determined to threaten the health and safety of the school environment. Any schoolwide dress code established pursuant to this section and Section 35183 shall be enforced on the school campus and at any school-sponsored activity by the principal of the school or the person designated by the principal. For purposes of this paragraph, "gang-related apparel" shall not be considered a protected form of speech pursuant to Section 48950.


CVHS Dress Code

Coachella Valley High School is a school that strongly believes in developing student pride. Students and staff wear Green and Gold to support our school activities. Dress should be appropriate for normal school day activities; it should reflect pride, respect, and decency. Health and safety are guides to acceptable school attire. Students will adhere to the following dress code:

  1. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.  Bedroom slippers and other footwear without solid soles are not allowed. 

  2. Students may not accessorize with objects that are considered weapons. This includes: bullets, brass knuckles, spikes of any length, wallet chains, chain belts, weaponized key chains, etc.

  3. Clothing that has or advertises drugs, alcohol, weapons, vulgarity or nudity (including semi-nude) are not allowed. (“Vulgarity and nudity” is decided at the discretion of administration and/or people who find items offensive. 

  4. Clothing, headwear, backpacks and jewelry shall be free of tagging, pictures, or any other insignias, symbols, or emblems which are crude, vulgar, and profane or suggest any act which is illegal or hazardous to one’s health. 

  5. Any article that advocates racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice or the use of drugs, tobacco or alcohol is prohibited.  

  6. Articles of clothing must be free from logos/symbols and colors that create behavioral problems and/or negative situations. 

  7. Any garments, headgear, or accessory displaying emblems of outside clubs or gang affiliations are not acceptable and will be confiscated. This includes bandanas. 

  8. Any article of clothing, headwear, or jewelry that can be construed to have a “double meaning” is prohibited.    

  9. Tops without straps (tube tops, etc), halter tops, plunging necklines (below the top of the armpit), plunging armholes (exposed ribcage/chest), backless tops and see through lace, any top where undergarments may be seen, or the garment is overly revealing are not allowed.

  10. Undergarment may not be worn as outside clothing. This includes boxers, boxer briefs, sports bras, bralettes, corsets, spanks, or any other article that is considered an undergarment.

  11. Shorts/ skirts must be of sufficient length to completely cover the buttocks/crotch areas in both a standing and seated position. In addition, they must sit at least at the hips (no low riding) and no undergarments should be seen.

  12. Holes in clothing must not expose underwear and must not expose the buttocks or above the fingertips. Cut out tops must cover from the armpits to at least 4 inches above the waistline.

  13. In case of questionable dress not covered in the rules above, the Administration will make a final decision. Please see Campus Safety for any questions.


Dress Code Consequences

1st offense- warning, student is required to change into loaner apparel provided by Campus Safety Office, parent contacted, notation made in assertive discipline record. 

2nd offense- student is required to change into loaner apparel, parent contacted, notation made in assertive discipline record. Assigned to ROR (1 Lunch). 

3rd offense- student is required to change into loaner apparel, parent contacted, notation made in assertive discipline record. ROR (2 lunches).

4th offense- student is required to change into loaner apparel, parent conference requested, notation made in assertive discipline record. Assigned to Wellness Center.

If the student refuses to correct dress code violation, they may be subject to further consequences at the discretion of the administrator. In an attempt to limit the amount of time the student is out of class, students will be required to change and return to class immediately. All consequences are designed for after school intervention.