Visual and Performing Arts Show Case

Quarter 1 Art Showcase


Visual and Performing Arts Show Case

Drama 1

Drama 1 is a course that fulfills the arts requirement for high school graduation only. The students will be involved in all facets of theater/dramatic arts including singing, dancing, acting, writing, producing, makeup, and stagecraft.




Technical Theater

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Technical Theatre I introduces students to the purpose, history, and importance of artistic and technical design for theatre; the many aspects of technical design, theatre and production; and the craft knowledge and skills necessary to design and produce live theatre. Students acquire design and artistic skills that are applied in assignments and projects involving scenery design and construction, stage lighting, sound, properties, costumes, makeup, and projection. Strong emphasis is placed on knowledge of artistic concepts and design techniques,      application of art and design principles, safety practice in the theatre context, and backstage and technical aspects of theatre design and production. 


Ceramics 1


The goal of this class is to provide students with a basic working knowledge of the ceramic process. Ceramic methods and techniques are presented through a historical, cultural, and design perspective. In addition, the lessons in this unit are progressive. This progression allows the students to develop and master methods and techniques that they can then use in subsequent projects. 


Advanced Ceramics

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This course further explores the ceramic process on a higher level of thinking. Students may enter works in shows and competitions. The course also explores occupational options after graduation. Advanced Ceramics fulfills the high school graduation requirement and the CSU arts requirement.


Art 1 - Painting and Drawing

Painting and drawing with the Plus-program by LAMY

This is a studio course which will cover art exploration and the fundamentals of drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. Media used will include pencil, tempera paint, water color, crayon, charcoal, and ink. Art I fulfills the high school graduation requirement.


Art 2



In Art II students will continue to work with a variety of art media and increase their skills to express ideas, feelings, and value.  The concept of originality is emphasized and required. Assignments are based on Art History and Art Movements and Trends.

Advanced Art



Art and History of Floral Design


The Art and History of Floral Design provides an introduction to artistic and creative perception including aesthetic valuing through a series of projects in various media including tempera, pencil, flowers, tile, and a variety of papers. Students are also introduced to the elements and principles of visual art design such as line, shape/form, color, balance, and emphasis using a series of floral-based projects to explore the connections, relations, and application to fistula arts design. Students will research and study floral trends to understand and develop an appreciation or floral design within historical and cultural, formal and casual, ceremonial and traditional, including an understanding that floral designs are affected by society, culture, history, politics and economic influence. Various assignments based on abstract two and three dimensional designs, historical culture and theory, color theory and analytical skills in floral art will serve as a foundation for more complex works such as multi-part floral designs and creative expressions through wedding consultations.

Music Exploration

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This course offers a variety of subjects in the field of music: Music History, Music Theory, Music Technology, Composition and Arranging, Composers and Conductors, Conducting and Basic rehearsal techniques. Students will prepare notes leading to research projects showing ability to identify different genres and cultures of music to demonstrate basic knowledge of music history. Students will learn to read music which will lead to analysis of different genres of music to demonstrate basic knowledge of music theory. Students will arrange and compose simple pieces of music by hand and use of computer, sound engineering and music computer programs to demonstrate basic knowledge of music composition and arranging and music technology. Students will study various composers and conductors, and listen to their compositions and prepare projects to demonstrate basic knowledge of composers. Students will develop rehearsal techniques and use them to lead small classroom groups in music lessons. 



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This course is for any student who wishes to learn to play the piano at a beginning level of study. Students may have the opportunity to perform in class and at school functions at the instructor’s discretion.



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This course is for any student who wishes to learn to play the guitar at a beginning or intermediate level of study. Students will perform at school functions. Guitar fulfills the high school graduation and CSU's arts requirements.


Chorus 1


This class can be for any student interested in learning vocal music skills and styles and understanding musical concepts. Students will perform at school and community functions. This course only fulfills the high school graduation requirement.

Advanced Chorus


This course, for students who have successfully completed Chorus I, continues to develop the skills necessary to become a highly proficient singer and musician. Ongoing development of correct vocal techniques, to develop a mastery of musicology and vocal skills is emphasized.

Beginning Band


Students will receive instruction in musical concepts along with technical instruction on a band instrument. Students will perform at various functions during and after school hours as designated by the instructor.


Advanced Band


This class is for students with previous experience in band. Students should read music and have sufficient technical abilities on their instruments. Students will perform at school and community functions and music festivals. Class will require attendance at evening rehearsals.