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Riverside Latino Commission on Drugs & Alcohol, Inc.


Coachella Valley Unified School District, in partnership with Riverside County Latino Commission, is offering mental health therapy/counseling sessions to CVUSD students and their families during the time schools are closed.

If you or your child would like to speak to a therapist, please call 760-524-1690.

Counseling sessions can be held over the phone or an appointment can be made to meet with a therapist at Riverside County Latino Commission's main office located at 1612 First Street, Coachella, Ca.

All telephone calls are confidential. Riverside County Latino Commission will conduct sessions that are compliant with guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding COVID-19.



El Distrito Escolar del Valle de Coachella, en colaboración con Latino Commission del Condado de Riverside, estará ofreciendo terapia de salud mental para los estudiantes y sus familias durante este periodo que las escuelas se encuentren cerradas.

Si desea hablar con un terapeuta de salud mental, por favor llame al 760-524-1690.

Sesiones de consejería podrían llevarse a cabo por teléfono o en persona al obtener una cita con un terapeuta en la oficina principal de Latino Commission localizado en 1612 First Street, Coachella, Ca.

Todas las sesiones hechas por teléfono serán confidenciales. Latino Commission del Condado de Riverside conducirá la sesiones de acuerdo con las guías del departamento del Control de Enfermedades (CDC) en referencia al virus COVID-19.



School Therapist

Mr. Israel Pineda, AMFT






I grew up in Mexicali, Mexico with my parents and younger brother and sister. I moved to the valley when I was 14. I started at CVHS as a Sohpmore and met one teacher that helped me to acculturate. This teacher used to played the guitar during class while we were singing along to English songs. Thank you Mrs. Dupree because you helped me move forward. Today, I am the school therapist at CVHS. Since 2016, I have been helping students with their mental health; to clarify an area of their lives or learn new techniques to cope with difficult situations.

I humbly share with you that I have a beautiful family of 4. I love to play the drums, experience nature and ride the bike with my family. And surely, it is very rewarding when many times I find myself feeling content when I witness that the person that I am working with in therapy...moves forward.

Please contact me if you or another student from CVHS is struggling with family or personal issues.

Please text me at (760) 459-5052

Substance Abuse Counselor

Ms. Laura Den Besten, RADT

Ms. Den Besten has a passion for helping struggling adolescents and young adults. Having experienced drug addiction in her family, she has deep compassion for families impacted by the habit's pain and chaos. Her focus is to help students discover their strengths, build a support system, and develop healthy lifestyles for life success. She is a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician (RADT). In her spare time, she enjoys running, watch her daughter swim and do jigsaw puzzles.

Please text me at (760) 359 8375


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