Principal's Message

Dear Students and Parents, 

While our campus remains closed in order to protect the health and safety of all, we are working to address some unique challenges this school year has brought to our community.  My thoughts continuously come back to you as a group.  Each of you represents the collective Pre-K through 12th-grade work of the Coachella Valley Unified School District.  You not only represent our school, but also the hopes that your family and caregivers, teachers, and all school staff have for you and your future.  Similarly, I acknowledge that high school is a time of great tradition and activities that you look forward to including prom, graduation, athletic and academic competitions, and just being together.  I value all of you and your experiences and acknowledge that words fail to adequately capture the emotional stress and uncertainty that we know all of us are experiencing at this time. 

We hope you are doing well and adjusting to the unique times we are all experiencing.  We want to thank you for your patience and perseverance as we work to ensure students remain engaged in learning while finding a balance for families during these difficult times. We recognize the challenges that come with such a disruption to normal family routines. We know there are many questions and concerns about classes and other requirements during this extended school closure. We know that you, your family, and friends were looking forward to the many events that happen throughout the year such as athletic events, performances, and dances. The District and School Administration share in your disappointment and sense of loss when these events are canceled due to the health crisis and are doing everything possible to make modifications so these events can occur in a virtual or socially distanced setting. 

We want you to know that all of our high school administrators are committed to recognizing and celebrating your accomplishments this year as you complete the next exciting chapters of your lives. We are committed to finding creative ways to celebrate your high school experience by holding virtual activities. We will keep you informed as we continue to work together to maintain our high standards for your education.

Lastly, we at CVHS empathize and grieve alongside you during this difficult time. Every conversation we have started with, “We miss our students!”  I personally miss the small things like the good mornings and learning the exciting things going on in your lives.  Again, you are not forgotten!  We see your hard work and value your unique perspectives.  We hear your audacious voices and continue to cherish all of it from afar.  This year is not what you envisioned, but I’m excited to see what you do with it.  You are the answer the future is in need of at this difficult time. 

There are still many items we are working on and as soon as we receive answers, we will relay this information to you. We miss seeing you, please stay safe, and healthy!


Arthur Sanchez Jr. 

Proud Principal of Coachella Valley High School

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” 

― Maya Angelou (Letter to My Daughter)